Björn Kleemann


the evening sky on the atlantic coast of Patagonia

Foliage at Juno Lake

Mono Lake

the blue hour turned pink

reflections on Tioga lake

Morning Moon

The moon at 7am in Patagonia

Lake Nahuel Huapi. Bariloche


staring at the sea

Flowing water

tree reflection

Dragon of the lake

Blue Hour

Lake Mahuel Huapi near Bariloche, Argentina


Steamy Stones

Gloomy Golden Gate

The Bridge and the Labyrinth

Sweeping Dunes

Yin & Yang

The sky of Lake Tahoe

A long exposure of a sunset at Sand Harbor, Lake Tahoe

Door with a view

The Way to Go

footpath through the painted hills of the John Day Fossil Monument, Oregon

Sky on Fire

sunset viewed from the top of Mauna Kea, Hawaii

Bridge to Infinity

The Golden Gate with San Francisco hidden in the fog

A Matter of Perspective

Bridge to Infinity II

Another take on the Golden Gate Bridge on a day that is foggy in downtown San Francisco and sunny in the rest of the world.

Clouds Rolling

An evening image with clouds rolling over the hills near San Mateo, CA

Frame within a Frame - view on San Francisco